MERINO underwear
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Long Sleeve merino base layer. It’s made of the softest merino wool of 190 g/m2 weight with 5% addon of elastan. That ensures sufficient elasticity and tight fit that empowers its functionality. Mid-weight of 190 g/m2 makes it an ideal year-round base layer. Longer back protects the lower back even in deep cycling posture. It’s ideal as the base layer under the long jersey as well as a standalone garment for long (cycling) trips. Thanks to the natural features of merino wool it will keep you warm and odourless for many many days.


Merino wool is a natural fabric that comes from the finest merino sheeps from New Zealand. Material is anti-allergic and naturally antibacterial. That reflects in a great anti-odour material. Compared to regular wool, merino is very soft, therefore you don’t get the usual itchy feeling. It is of great breathability and it takes much longer until you get the wet feeling. That’s because it can absorb the moist of almost a third of its weight. The greatest advantage of merino is that even when wet you don’t get the cooling effect. It heats when wet! It has also partial water repellency due to the natural lanolin.

Structure: 95% merino wool, 5% elastan

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